Fortune Fantasy Executive League

Fortune Fantasy Executive League

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How Your Score Is Calculated | See How It Works | Scoring FAQs

Understanding how to win the Fortune Fantasy Sports Executive League is simple: It’s a popularity contest. Pick the executives that matter most to Fortune, the experts and other folks just like you and you’ll find yourself at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the game.

Understanding exactly how the game is scored is a little trickier. A team earns points based on the popularity of its executives within three pools: other players, experts and Fortune’s team, which will be revealed online July 26, and in the August 13 issue of the magazine. Expert pool points and magazine pool points are weighted double.

Here’s how a team’s total score is calculated:
U + 2X + 2F = team’s total score.

U = points earned by popularity of executives within the user pool
X = points earned by popularity of executives within expert pool
F = points earned by number of matching executives on Fortune team

As people create teams and experts submit their teams, the popularity of a team’s executives will change. Team score will update in real-time and fluctuate until the game ends on July 26, when Fortune releases its picks. (Note: Team creation ends on Friday, July 13.)

A team’s U (points earned by popularity of executives within user pool) and X (points earned by popularity of executives within expert pool) are calculated based on how popular each of a team’s executives is at their position. If a team has the most popular executive at a position, the team will be awarded the maximum amount of points for that position.

The number of executives available for selection at a position determines the maximum number of points for that position. For example, if there are 10 executives that can be selected at the CEO position, a team will be able to earn at most 10 points at that position within the three pools. If the team has the second most popular executive on its roster, then the team will be awarded the maximum number of points minus 1. So in this example, the team with the second most popular pick at the CEO position would get 9 points, the team with the third most popular pick

would get 8 points, and so on. The teams with the very least popular pick at a position or a pick with no votes (only possible in the expert and Fortune pools) will always receive only 1 point.

In case of a tie, when two executives share the same number of votes, they will earn their team the maximum no. points for their shared ranking. The next most-popular executive, however, will be two positions down from the pair. For instance, if there is a tie for first place, the next executive in line will be in third place and receive the corresponding number of points for that ranking.

F (the score based on the Fortune magazine pool) is calculated somewhat differently from the points a team can earn in the user (U) and expert (X) pools. For F, there is technically only one vote being cast per position. In this pool, the user can only earn the maximum number of points for the position, which means they’ve selected the same executive as Fortune, or 1 point, which means the team has not selected the same executive as Fortune.

Here’s how the score for each pool will be calculated:

+ CEO (points based on popularity ranking)
+ COO (points based on popularity ranking)
+ CIO (points based on popularity ranking)
+ CFO (points based on popularity ranking)
+ CMO (points based on popularity ranking)
+ Designer/Engineer (points based on popularity ranking)
+ Non-executive Chairman (points based on popularity ranking)
+ Chief Strategist (points based on popularity ranking)
+ Executive Adviser (points based on popularity ranking)
Total U, X and F points earned

In case of a tie, the team judged by a panel of Fortune editors to have the best name will win the grand prize. Click here to learn more about game rules.

FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. NO PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning. Vulputate penatibus esse voluptate nunc, ornare laborum torquent quibusdam ut voluptatum facilisis cursus? Laoreet ac! Tempus semper porttitor tempus animi magnam? Risus quaerat ornare laborum fermentum corporis, sagittis diam occaecati, mollitia ducimus autem. Voluptate aenean commodo tortor vero, lectus! Urna.